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Flexible pricing plans that are ready to scale with your business.


100 €
The choice for App Publisher who want to reach the next growth stage.

Our Base Price is €20 + €4.00 per €1,000.00 monthly revenue.
Add 4 Apps to your account. Maximum monthly revenue is €100,000.00.
What is your current monthly in-app revenue (MTR)?
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.000 €
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Start Up

Perfect for young Apps who are just starting out.
Add 1 App to your account. Maximum monthly revenue is €2,000.00. After you reached the maximum monthly revenue, you need to upgrade to the Growth Plan.
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For App Publisher above €100,000.00 monthly revenue.
Special support. Add 10 Apps or more to your account.
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Frequently asked questions

Can I use Mage for more than one app?

Yes, on our Growth plan, you can set up up to fours apps. If you want to use Mage with more than four apps, just contact us for upgrading your account to an enterprise plan.

How long does it take until I get the first recommendations?

After your setup is completed, we will start to collect data. You can expect to see your first price recommendations within a couple of days. The speed depends on the size of your app. It might take a bit longer if you have few sells during the time.

Do you offer a free plan for smaller apps?

Yes, if your monthly tracked revenue is 2.000 € or less a month, you can use Mage for free - forever.

Is Mage open-source?

Our SDKs are open-source and available on GitHub.

Which programming languages do you support?

Currently, we offer SDKs for iOS, Android and React Native.

What happens if there is any system failure?

While you implement our SDK, you'll set fallback/default prices for every product. In case our service is temporarily unavailable, or something during the transmission fails, the default prices will be shown to your user. In Addition, any errors are dealt with silently, so your app will continue working normally.

What is MTR?

MTR is the monthly tracked revenue of your app(s) in EUR. It includes every in-app purchase (onetime, subscriptions & renewals) made within your app.

Why do I have to add additional IAPs for every new price?

To prevent any issues with your analytics, a new IAP has to be created for every price. Also, for subscriptions, changing prices would affect existing subscriptions. But every price just has to be created once and can be used for every user group.

What if I don’t want a certain price change?

That’s perfectly fine; you’re in full control of your pricing. Simply reject our recommendation, and it won’t go live.

How do I know which prices are currently active in which markets?

There is a complete overview of the current prices for each of your apps available.

Have you planned to add more SDKs?

Yes, we are trying to add additional languages. Please let us know which SDK you would prefer so that we can move it up the queue:

Ready in four simple steps

Add a few lines of code and get an automated data science team.

Implement our lightweight SDKs

With our setup guide you can integrate Mage in your app easily. This way you can benefit from a global, country and product group individual price testing in a matter of hours not months!

Set up your new pricing tiers

Once you set up your products at our end, you need to create new in-app purchases with additional pricing tiers in iTunes Connect or Google Play Store.

Mage predicts the best pricing strategy

Mage will calculate price recommendations for each country depending on your goals. The app user will receive the current price aka the correct in-app-purchase via the SDK. If you run Ads and want to know the current price in a country simply call our web API!

We'll handle the rest

Mage will optimize your prices in each country per product group. You have the ultimate control: You can confirm or reject our pricing recommendations. Learn more in our Integration Guide.

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