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Mage vs. Firebase A/B Testing and Firebase Predictions

This article focuses on the differences between Firebase A/B Testing and Prediction Service and Mage's In-App Purchase Price Testing and Optimization Service.

First of all, Firebase A/B Testing is intended for simple A/B tests. You can A/B test in-app purchase prices for one country or even all app users on the globe in one A/B test for sure, but a real segmentation would not happen. Hence the results would not be optimal.

If you want to do sophisticated price research, which would mean price research for all countries individually, you would need to do sequential A/B tests for each country. In other words, you would need to add 170+ A/B tests, then evaluate the results, and then implement a new set of 170+ A/B tests for the next round of price testing. This cycle means that you add months of manual labor to your mobile app team. This process is why huge app companies hire a data science team. (What a nightmare.)

Firebase Prediction, on the other hand, is used to make simple predictions. A prediction example would be if a user will spend money (or not). This way, you can at least know when to show discounts. Don't get us wrong, discounts are great! But what if a user never even downloads your app because he knows your high prices?! Or you don't get a chance to show another price because the user churns right away?

Price research is critical in winning markets. Spotify and Tinder are great examples of that!

You might know what users are willing to pay in the country you have started with your app, but what about other countries?

This is where Mage comes in pretty handy. With Mage, you can do simultaneous price research for in-app purchases in all countries. Mage enables you to set your prices right, without adding a manual labor overhead. No data science team is needed!

Once Mage is set up, the Mage SDK gathers your users' purchase power information in each area of the globe and makes smart predictions for better prices. You just need to approve new price changes in our dashboard in one click from time to time. Mage will always test and improve in-app purchase prices as long as you are a subscriber. Via the Mage Dashboard or our API, you always know the current price in each country that users pay for your digital products. This way, you can also advertise your mobile app at the right price.

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Mage wins multiple battles

Mage is better for in-app purchase price testing than a lot of other tools out there. Not convinced? Read more in our other comparison posts!