Recommendation Management

Once you are all set, Mage starts with analyzing your sales in all countries. To ensure 100% control, we implemented a confirmation process, which lets you have the final say. You have the choice if new prices will take effect. As soon as the first learnings can be drawn, the Mage optimization engine will generate recommendations for your in-app products. You will be notified, once new recommendations are waiting for your confirmation.

To see and take actions on your new recommendations, simply login into the Mage configuration portal and click on “Recommendations” in the navigation bar. The recommendation overview shows you all new recommendations, which were never denied or accepted. Click on “Recommendations History” in the menu to see all recommendations that you denied or accepted.

Note: Accepting recommendations will activate the new price for a product immediately for all new connecting devices. On an “app start” event, new prices will be fetched by the SDK for the app user.
Note: By neither accepting nor rejecting, you can postpone decisions. But be aware that with new recommendations, the postponed decision might be no longer available.
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