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pricing is hard.

But you do not need to deal with it! Let Mage Consulting help you.
Meet a Price Mage

Every App is special

  • Our onboarding starts with a video call with one of our Mages (Price Experts).
  • We will ask questions about your app so we can understand your market and your goals better.
  • Once we have everything we need to know, we can talk about data.
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One-on-One call
Data = magic power

Your data has hidden knowledge

  • Lean back while we gather all the data from all your sources. This takes a day on average.
  • Once we have everything in order, we will begin with our analysis.
  • During the second day we might come back to you if we have questions regarding (for example) special data attributes.
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Correct data gathering is key
Recommendations in plain english

Get pricing tips for your digital products

  • Processing, analyzing and modelling your data takes us a week on average.
  • Once we found our first insights we will notify you via mail.
  • Our reports are easy to understand without needing a math expert. We will even give you tips and how-to articles on how to implement the changes.
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Actionable insights that everyone can work with

In-App Purchase Price Consulting

Your time is valuable. Outsource pricing to make room for things.

Lower research costs

Hiring a data analyst and a developer just for testing prices on a global scale does not need to be the solution. Let us solve the problem for you at 1/10 the cost.

Gain time for what's important

While we focus on your pricing problem, you can focus on things that you want: like improving your product or just swimming in the pool.

Grow your revenue

Better prices mean better conversion rates which lead to more & happier customers. As a bonus, you make more money as well! A Win-Win situation.
Meet the team

Price experts with years of experience

Marc Thomas

KPI Data-Driven Solution Expert, BA Business Administration

Marc helped the last 7 years Start-Ups like Preis24 and Lidl's Kochzauber grow through data-driven product development and marketing. He later offered marketing and price consulting as a freelancer to Start-Ups from Berlin. Marc likes his numbers as he likes to drink an ice-cold coke.


Benedict Seyer

Machine Learning Guru, MSc Information Systems

During his Bachelor and Master, Benedict focused on statistics and machine learning techniques. He helped BOSCH with an automated risk management analysis and developed an app store optimization algorithm. He is fluent in data and speaks multicurrency.


Patrick Bläsing

Indi App Publisher, MSc Information Systems

Patrick has published three apps in the Apple and Google Play Store. His latest app was featured several times around the globe from Apple. In his Bachelor and Master thesis, he focused on success factor analysis of mobile apps powered by machine learning. He learned the hard way that price strategies matter.


“Mage Consulting gave us insights in markets that we did not even had on our radar”

Annabelle Porter,
Customer Service Officer