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Magic power
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in-app pricing

Mage is a price optimization tool for in-app purchases. Our SDK analyzes your users’ purchase behaviour and optimizes your pricing in 170+ app store countries.

We help you grow

Mage is built for app publishers that don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on price market research every quarter. Our customers don’t need to set up hundreds of A/B-Tests or campaigns manually.

Pricing depending on your products value

Mage analyses what your users are actually willing to pay for your product. Stop relying on discount campaigns or depending on your competition.

Individualize your pricing on a country-level

Mage uses the most simple yet powerful user segmentation: your user’s location. Users with lower purchasing power benefit from lower prices; you benefit from more users and sales.

Automate your price optimization process

Mage analyses your users’ purchase behaviour continuously and notifies you as soon as you should update your prices in a specific country. With just a click, you can apply the recommendations to your app.

Data science on a magic level

Add a few lines of code. Get an automated data science team that works magic.

Sophisticated modeling techniques

We adopt the contextual multi-armed bandit approach with classical revenue and demand models. We use Reinforcement Learning to learn online and immediately consider decisions impact combined with classical revenue and demand prediction. Therefore multiple models are competing to ensure that only the best performing and generalizable model is used for your pricing.

Overcoming the cold-start problem

We exploit clustering algorithms to tackle the classical cold-start dilemma. Generally, if you begin your analysis with having little to no data, your models would be bad. With our different aggregation levels, we enable you to deliver faster results and learn across all your target markets.

Smart price roll-outs

We carefully solve user individual price fluctuations, so no one feels disadvantaged. There will never be day-to-day price changes for a single user. Price changes will be slowly adapted. Additionally, your already subscribed customers won't be affected by annoying price changes.

Smart pricing competition

You don't want your products competing against each other. We check that similar products of yours, like different subscription lengths for a premium version, will always stay in proportion. We also optimize the relationship between your products supervised separately.

Mage integrates seamleesly in your app

Our lean and lightweight SDKs are built by app developers for app developers. By just implementing three hooks, you are ready to go in just a few hours. Our SDKs are open-source and available for iOS, Android and React Native.

The magic behind Mage

Do you know how to use machine learning models, like multi-armed bandits, revenue regression models, demand estimations and behavioural economics to optimize your pricing? No? Don't worry, we do. Our data science experts take care about preparing your data, enriching it with additional information we aggregate and ensure always to select the best performing statistical model for you.

A whole data sience team - in just one SDK

With our machine learning pricing algorithms, specially designed for the needs and requirements of the app eco-system, you'll be able to automate the most tedious and time-intensive tasks of your pricing strategy: evaluating the best prices for specific user groups continuously, setting up campaigns, and updating prices. We'll do that for you.

Purchase power is key

Think of an app whose prices are currently based on the countries with the highest turnover, such as the US, Germany and the UK. The prices are the same everywhere, even in countries with lower incomes. As a result, people with a lower purchasing power have less access to apps, e.g. from the education, business, or health categories.
With our software, we want to change that. We not only want to help apps through more sales and a broader user base but also give users from different user groups better access to apps.

Make your prices smarter

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